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Office 365 Backup

Do you backup Office 365?

6 reasons why you need to:

Accidental deletion: If you delete a user, whether you meant to or not, that deletion is replicated across the network.

Retention policy gaps and confusion: Office 365 retention policies are hard to keep up with, let alone manage.

Internal security threats: Many businesses are experiencing threats from the inside, and they are happening more often than you think.

External security threats: Malware and viruses have done serious damage to organizations globally in just the past year alone.

Legal and compliance requirements: Ensure you can retrieve mailbox data during legal action and to meet any regulatory compliance needs.

Managing hybrid email deployments and migrations to Office 365: Whether you are migrating to Office 365 or have a blend of on-premises Exchange and Office 365 users, the exchange data should be managed and protected the same way, making the source location irrelevant.

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