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Remote Working Escalates Cyber Security Concerns

New report from Acora, reveals that 77% of UK IT leaders will spend the same or more time on cyber security services in 2022 – proving that concerns are escalating YoY.

The Acora CIO Report 2022 surveyed 100 UK-based IT decision-makers in organisations with 500+ employees, delving into cyber security issues.

It found that two thirds (62%) of people are still working remotely, and according to the ONS 84% of those working remotely in the pandemic continue to do so for some or all of the time in the future.

Working from home has increased the need for SaaS products used by businesses, thus escalating the threat of data leaking, phishing and other cyber security issues.

65% of IT leaders believed that SaaS security was the biggest cyber security concern, data leakage was second (57%) and phishing was third (49%).

As hybrid and remote working continues, it brings increased and persistent concerns for cyber security. Here is the full list of issues, as per IT decision makers:

  1. SaaS Security (65%)

  2. Data Leakage (57%)

  3. Phishing (49%)

  4. Certification compliance (44%)

  5. Patching (36%)

  6. Ransomware (35%)

  7. Supply chain auditing (29%)

LEE GANGLY, CIO, at Acora says, “Balancing cybersecurity controls with giving users the freedom to work seamlessly and productively is the biggest headache of the new hybrid working era.

As CIOs, our job now is to move out of that reactive mindset, and proactively equip our teams, users and wider organisations for the new hybrid world we now inhabit. It’s going to be possibly the biggest technical challenge we’ve ever faced; and a fascinating journey.”

97% of businesses already have a formal cyber-security policy in place, or plan to implement one in the next 12 months.

Signalling that hybrid and remote working is here to stay, this study revealed that these plans look one to three years ahead.

As hybrid and remote working becomes decoupled from the pandemic and is evolving into a basic, standalone offering, it is crucial that businesses invest in a strong cyber security policy to keep their organisations safe.

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