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Terms And Conditions


1. When you reply yes you agree that the engineer has finished and your ticket is now complete and can be closed.

2. -

3. The invoice will be paid today.

4. All work has been checked, completed and to your satisfaction.

5. You have checked and you are happy with all cabling that has been installed and where it has been routed.

6. You have been shown remote access via the Internet or mobile devices (if applicable)

7. You have been given your logons and passwords for your CCTV system.

8. You have checked and you are happy with the positions, locations and quality of the cameras.

9. You are happy with the location of where the CCTV recorder has been placed.

10. You happy with the colour and position of the equipment installed.

11. You are happy with the picture quality.

12. You have been shown how to use the CCTV system.

13. You have been shown how to view and backup video footage.

14. You agree that the system installed is fit for purpose.

15. You have been given the manual and software.

16. We don't guarantee any lengths of record time or footage.

17. You are happy with the sound quality (only if mic installed)

18. Any discrepancies or issues will be notified and highlighted before the engineer leaves.

19. If you request an engineer to visit or revisit your location once they have left you understand and agree that you will be charge one hundred pounds call out fee, followed by one hundred pounds per hour.

20. There is no exception to the call out charge. This applies to in warranty and out of warranty calls.

21. The installation comes with a twelve months RTB (Return to base) hardware manufacturer warranty.

22. It is your responsibility to do a daily / weekly / monthly check to see that the device is recording and functioning correctly.

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24. - 

25. All prices are excluding VAT.

26. There will be a recovery fee of £100 + VAT for any usernames and passwords that you need us to recover. It is your responsibility to keep those details safe that we have provided you when the job was completed

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